Doll classes feature cleaning greenware (Wet or Dry method).

Painting (Water base or Oil base) and applying wig, eyes and final assembly.

We specialize in all types of dolls.  You may choose whatever your interest may be, whether Modern or Antique Reproduction. The Studio is well lit, airy and conducive to the enjoyment of doll making. (Non Smoking)

We have been teaching porcelain doll making classes for the past 31 years, which provides you with an extensive choice of doll molds to choose from.  Our doll molds allow you to make a doll from 3 inches to 5 feet tall.  You will love creating your own babies, boys, teens, and ladies from modern to antique reproduction dolls.  The choice is up to you.  Our painting method will enable you to create a beautiful doll.  Many women attending our classes have enjoyed this wonderful art and have been happy with their accomplishment.

Classes are:               Wednesday Morning     –       10 a.m.  –  12:30 p.m.

Class fee is $10 per session.

There is a fee for the greenware of the doll you choose depending on its size.  The average for a 20” doll is about $25.

You are also charged for firings.  Paints, media, brushes and cleaning tools are all supplied for you unless you would like to buy your own.  It takes about 5 weeks to complete a doll.

We do offer specialized classes to enhance the look of your dolls.  Shoe making, mohair wig making, lace draping on porcelain pieces.
These are occasionally scheduled seminars with varying fees.