Dolls For Sale

Donna's Children has DOLLS for sale. Antique Dolls, Collectible, Procelon and Artists Dolls

Doll Repair & Reproduction

We can professionally restore cracked and damaged composition or porcelain dolls, even if some parts are missing. Antique doll restoration is a fine art process because many of the materials these dolls were made from, porcelain, composition, paper and vinyl. Depending on the specific materials used in a doll through time, they may crack, wear and tear on bodies, wigs matted and rotted.

American Girl

So happy to see the young girls excitement and interest in American Girl dolls. American Girl dolls after much love, play and enjoyment are in need of repair. We can reattach the head, limbs and sew bodies. We also have an extensive supply of wigs, shoes, socks, tights, hats and accessories for the 18”American Girl, 14.5” Willa and 18” Logan Dolls.